Be a IMA Vadodara Biomedical West Management Cell.

Form The Desk Of President

Respected President Dr Divyaben; Hon .Sec Dr Mahesh bhai; Chief Guest of todays function And Honourable MP Mr Balkrishna Shuklaji ; Guest of Honour and Mayor Dr Jyotiben Pandya and our own Standing Comm. Chairman Dr Vijaybhai Shah; Other dignitories on the dias ; off the dias ; invited guests and all our members .

On this momentous occasion, as I stand here before you, having assumed the office of the President of the IMA Vadodara Branch, I am being overtaken by a deep sense of humility; which is invoking in me; a constant awareness of the immense responsibility ; and confidence that has been bestowed on me by the more then twenty four hundred members of our Association.

Friends ; I have no words to thank you for your continued patronage.

At this moment I prey the cosmic conciousness; to further energize me ; to justify the essence of this position.

Please; do not hesitate to call on me ; If I could be of any assistance to you; at any time.

I am grateful to every member; for this unique honour ; and appeal to each one of you ; to help me ; to carry forward the flag of IMA to new heights. This can become a reality only through our selfless service to the cause of IMA .

Your invaluable support shall further strenghthen me ; to work for our Association and explore new areas ; suggested by you.

Friends; I am fortunate inough to earn your trust; since last 14 years ; and you have given me the opportunity to serve our Association at various posts like Managing Committee .Member; Book bank Sec; Cultural Sec; Tresurer; Joint Sec;Hon. Sec ; and Vice President.

This has made me more positive to my work and attitude. This has paid me by getting; Ima National Presidents Appreciation Award; for the Best Branch; during my Secretaryship.

Friends; this is first time in history of Ima Vadodara; that we had recieved Best Branch Award from Ima Head Quarter, This is not the achievement of one person but it is a team work . Kudos to all our team members.

Friends; let me assure you that ; this year also we will try our level best; for welfare of our members; Association and Society at large.

Friends; since few years it is our tradition that every new team comes with a Motto and Mission .

This year our Motto will be--- Ever Empathetic to All' Mission--"To Nurture Brotherhood; Solidarity and Team Work.

With this Motto; We will come with variety of Programmes during whole year .

I request all our members; to increase fraternity bond; Brotherhood and show our Solidarity as and when required ; to save our noble profession.

Perhaps ; because of this solidarity ; shown by us during our Medical Bandh on 25th June ; we are at present saved from implementation of the draconian laws by Govt.

We will have to show same spirit and strength as and when required; in future also.

Freinds; We are in the forefront of nation building, and Ima has carried out commendable work in implementation of various Governmental Health related Programmes like Pulse Polio ; RNTCP ; HIV and AIDS; Save the Girl Child; and others; just to mention a few.

We will continue to implement such health related Programmes of our State branch; Head Quarter and Govt; for better health of our citizens.

Also, the “Care of the Elderly” is an important issue, to which the IMA , the Government and the Society ; can not turn a blind eye. Our team will adress this issue more effectively this year.

And most important issue for us—As we all know Our hall needs urgent attention. But due to some reason We were not able to make much progress; during past few years. This year our efforts are successfull and our trustees are now recognized by Charity Commissioner. We wish; this year; we may be able to do more progress and it will be our priority.

Our own Dr Jatin Shah has donated his ancestral Building Sarala Sadan ; near Jubillee Bag. This year we have plan to start a Center for Senior Citizens ; Book Bank and a Library there.

Lastly; I request all our members ; to lend a helping hand; by practicing our Profession Ethically; Sincerely and for the well being of our Citizens; and we shall work in a manner that our image in the Society rises to a new hieght.

Thanks for patient hearing.
Long live IMA! Jay hind! Jay Shree Krishna!

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